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Aug 06, 2019 08:00:07

Wake up

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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"Mister Johnson, wake up!", a strange voice appeared above my head.
"What?", I think I didn't say the words out loud, it was just my mind starting to free up.
"Take your time, you have been asleep for quite a while".
What is happening, where am I? Why do my eyes feel so heavy? I will have to try again and make at least a noise. "Hello?", nothing more than a whisper comes out of my mouth.
"Good morning Mister Johnson, take your time to wake up, slowly and steady."
I can't open my eyes. Who is talking to me? Why does the voice sound so robotic?
I can feel how I am drifting back to sleep. A sudden urge that I am falling.
Shocked, my eyes suddenly open in a rush. I have to immediately close them again. It's bright, really bright and I still don't know where I am.
But wait, who am I anyway? The question burns into my mind. Mister Johnson. Is that me?
I try to open my eye again. Slowly but steadily, just like the robotic voice told.
Finally, I am able to open my eyes. I'm in a bedroom or is it a hospital?
I am lying on a large bed, several machines around me. I think one monitors my heartbeat. I can see a small sinus rhythm. Why do I know that?
"Mister Johnson, I see you have opened your eyes. Relax a few minutes take your time."
I can't find out where the voice is coming from. Now speakers are nearby. Heck, there is no door in this room, no window? What? Why? How?
I can hear the beeping of the cardiac monitor, my heart must be beating strong and fast. I can't breathe.
And it's dark again.
I thought my heart would jump out of my chest and now my eyes feel heavy again.
"Mister Johnson, don't worry. Nothing can happen to you. Relax and stay calm. You can open your eyes again."
Suddenly the voice changed. I think it's female now? The robotic tone faded completely away. I think I feel the presence of somebody standing nearby.
A hand touches mine. Frightened I try to move my arm. I can't, it's somehow locked.
"Mister Johnson, please open your eyes. We are here to help you.", The voice is as calm as a cool breeze on a summer morning.
I'm opening my eyes again. ...

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