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Feb 10, 2019 22:38:52

Want Me

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Daniel Lucas

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Halloween night and I'm at the Los Angeles International Airport, where I had been for a few days - a short stay as I came back from San Francisco - now on my way to New York, eyes bleary, maladjusted, as the cold honey of Puma Blue played in my earbuds I stared out at the stretch of runway, the baseball field lights sterile yellow and Ice Frost blue, mingled with blinking pilot lights, and I counted the thoughts in my head as they passed, a droopy-eyed meditation as I awaited reconstruction.

I edged towards the corner of the platform and pulled out a lighter, the air crushing like a walk-in freezer, and as I lit a cigarette, savoring the honey suckle heat while waiting for the train to magnetically drag me away from the six am freeze outside New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, my legs began to pace, finger tap, lips mouthing 'And now I don't know, if you want me so ...... I guess I'll go', breathless, but to the beat - goddammit - sulking in the void of the word you, a void of you, the void of the meaning of you, and the vacuous boy on the platform, hungry to not be alone, to not think of you, for a bagel, with vegan cream cheese - if possible.

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    @daniellucas This is like Tom Waits lyrics.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Feb 11, 2019 09:00:25
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