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Aug 06, 2019 23:43:15

Warm Introductions Dilemma

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Saw this article on VC Twitter space recently: Ban Warm Introductions!👏🏾 

I am some where in the middle of yes vs no for warm introductions. Probably leaning towards no for warm intros.

Here is when it might move the needle in decision making of moving forward with that person or not:

- When there are too many good opportunities that we are looking at.

If that intro comes from a reputable person, I might be a little bit careful or mindful of the intro and pay attention to rather than waiting a couple days to go through my list. 

That's it.

Warm intros do more harm than good imo.

You have to make sure it comes from a reputable sources otherwise it leaves a negative impression. 

I don't know about others but when I am evaluating an opportunity I don't care where it is coming from because I am spending an equal amount on them to understand more about what they are working on. A good warm intro only help prioritize under a time crunch.

The flip side of no warm intros is you get a lot of outside of our thesis opportunities. I want to help but I can't because it doesn't fit our thesis, it's just a really bad idea or it's way too early.


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