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Aug 11, 2019 23:25:10

Washing with a muted blue | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 12

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The first thing I sensed was the chirping of birds. Then the cool air tickling my feet, crawling up to the point where my blanket blocked the airflow.  It must've been a few seconds, but in that moment there was a separate world where nothing else existed. Then my eyes opened and I washed with a muted blue.

The quiet city was beginning to take over the sounds of the birds. Still, it was the quietest that I could remember it. I stood up out of bed at just the right speed. Not too slow like somebody desiring more sleep, not too fast like a person wearing time around his neck.

I was feeling good. No hangover. I hadn't drank that much the night before, maybe a couple beers. I went over to the bathroom and took a short piss. Then after a change of clothes I went outside.

It was cool. And the sidewalks were empty except for the occasional person walking to work, looking and smelling clean. There were no long faces. Pondering faces, but none sad. I walked along Baker Ave until I reached one of the most popular cafes in town: Espressions. How many hours had I spent on my laptop in there? How many feelings had I wrestled?

I entered to soothing music. And without a huge crowd, the wood interiors really stood out in a way that was hard to notice during peak hours. There was no line and the barista was minding some other business but came over immediately to take my order. I ordered a coffee to go, no room for cream or sugar, the darkest roast they had available. House Roast.

I sat to allow my steaming cup to cool while watching the small number of other customers. Besides one person on their laptop, everyone was reading or writing with paper. 

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