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Oct 12, 2019 15:00:54

We all want to help people, yet the world is so fucked up regardless

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Through the thick air, Raynor saw Jamieson playing pool with a short, pretty girl with dark brown hair. The rest of the Pinball Arcade was dark except for the dusty lights of the pool tables. Jamieson hadn't noticed his arrival, so Raynor felt like he was watching from afar. Maybe watching too long, because he kept his mouth closed while walking up to the table slow.

Jamieson turned around at the last second and his face filled with the kind of excitement you couldn't fake. 

"Jake!" Jamieson gave him a hug and then introduced the other girl as Liv. 

Raynor watched as the two quickly finished their game. Liv sucked, so it was basically just Jamieson sinking balls really quick. 


"Nah, let's go somewhere quieter?"

"Liv, you wanna go to a cafe? They serve beer at this one. And it's Jake's favorite."

The three sat down with three glasses of beer. An IPA, a porter, and a lager. 

"This is really nice." Liv whispered. "I always walked by here and thought they only had like coffee and tea." 

The place they were at was a new cafe that Raynor had been coming to the past month. It'd just open two months before. A place called Day N' Night, catering to the day crowd of laptoppers and lunch conversationalists while also serving evening drinkers, not the kids looking to get turnt, but maybe pregamers on their way to getting wasted, or the nerds who liked sipping a drink while playing their board games or discussing politics.

"Say, Jake. You know that Liv and you have the same major?"

"You're in psych too?"


"Jake's real bashful about the fact that that's his major."

"Do you not like it?"

"Mm. Not really. Do you?"

"I think it's fine."

"Yeah Jake. I think it's cool. Why don't you? Plus... seems fitting to you." 

"Hey, so what else would you major in then?"

Jamieson stood up to go order another round of drinks. 

"If I knew that, I'd change." Jake laughed. "But I guess I haven't found anything better yet. So I guess I need to stop complaining." 

"But I know what you mean. Like Psychology doesn't have the best reputation does it?" 

"Yeah. And the classes. They're so... bad?"

"Yes! Bad! Giant lectures and ugly powerpoint slides." Liv then finished off the rest of her beer. 

"So what made you choose it?"

"This sounds so stupid, but I just wanted to help people."

Jamieson returned with drinks. This time two IPAs and a single lager. 

"What are you two discussing?"

"See, I think that's not a stupid reason cause don't we all want to help people? I mean Jamieson here is in business, but he wants to help people too."

Jamieson laughed. 

"Yes. I guess we all want to help people." Liv said while taking her new drink slowly as not to spill. She stared into it for a moment too long before taking a sip.

"We all want to help people, yet the world is so fucked up regardless," Jamieson said after taking a sip. 

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    @abrahamKim -

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Oct 13, 2019 10:10:49
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      Lol this is one of my favorite comments from you. mystic

      Abe avatar Abe | Oct 14, 2019 14:59:00
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      @abrahamKim - my wife might say the same.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Oct 14, 2019 07:59:58
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