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Mar 24, 2019 06:29:41

We are just a platform only

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One of my recent freelance work is to help connect a local payment gateway for a church website. The work will allow the donor when visiting the church website, click and fill in a form with the amount they want to donate, submit and redirect to the payment gateway and paid, one the transaction is complete, an invoice should send to the donor. 

The Church currently setup is just a simple form submit post request to another lousy payment gateway, and there is no invoice send out feature, everything have to do manual which is why they engage me to help them build something. While they hire my services, they are planning to change the payment gateway as well which is why this local payment gateway in the picture.

The first few round meeting with the local payment gateway ( LPG ) going pretty smooth, their platform is rough if you compare with Stripe and the API documentation is not clear, maybe not for people like us that deal with web services often.

I m stuck when I try to build a quick prototype for my client using this LPG. I go through the API documentation, and there is no sample code or no demo at all, I know maybe  I miss out something, but after drill in for like half of the day, I decided to give up and contact the LPG to get some help.

After explaining my situation and asking for some assistance, I found out that the LPG side technical guy is not that technical. He can launch the postman and show you how their API work, but that's all, he can't show you any sample code. I ask for any site using their service so that I can reference? They can't also give; their reply is everything is working.

What pisses me off is when I ask for help on my issue, their reply is no we don't have any sample code or sample app to show you, "We are just a platform only".

Hello that's your job, yes you are just a platform, but you suppose to help the developer to figure out how to use your platform, by replying the developer like that, do you think any developer will recommend your platform to others?

Anyway, I fixed the issue next day after clean up my thought and re-build the whole process flow, but their reply "We are just a platform only" still in my mind and don't think I am going to recommend them to anyone.

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