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Dec 25, 2018 21:08:15

We Hung Out in the Same Places: This Was Us

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So I used to check out a lot of cafes and bars. The kinds of places you’d expect a millineal to distract themselves inside. But they eventually came to feel the same: variations in skin but homogeneous at the core. And since, bluntly, they’re only after my money and I’m only looking for a decent way to pass a couple hours. I stopped looking for new places to satisfy those two objectives, once I'd found a my regular spots to satisfy them.

For awhile now, this disillusionment has had me hanging out in the same, small rotation of places, at least when I’m with Jordan. The two of us are seemingly at comparable life-crossroads, and one of our biggest agreements was this banality of hang out spots. So she and I gave up looking for the right places and just ended up hanging out at the same bar, the same cafe, with no desire to go anyplace else. This was us. Jordan and I.

Sometimes a new place would pop up and people'd talk, then she and I might entertain ideas of checking this place out, but that’s as far as it’d ever go between us. This was us. 

We had lives outside of each other though. When she was with her other friends, her life featured more variety. With them, she had an excuse, because it was was they who wanted to check the new place out. And why would she act like a stubborn smartass refusing to go out of principle. She and I,would never have to deign to do such, but when we were with other people, we both agreed that it made sense to be more flexible. 

But us. Together it was the same places no matter what. Except today when she suggested we drive to this random video store. Maybe the novelty in itself was enough to make today feel ceremonial. Maybe it had nothing to do with the fact that today was Jordan's last day of being a business owner.

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