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Jul 13, 2019 07:37:23

We need a 200WAD World Summit

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Brandon Wilson

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It's time to circle the wagons.

#Teamstreak has lost several long streakers recently. It's the nature of the beast that people join, people drop off. But I sense the start of a pattern and we need to course correct. 
There's been a few bugs on the platform recently. For example, since I am a Mac person I use Safari on all my devices. Currently there is a known bug with Safari that I cannot create a new post. I used this as an opportunity to switch to another web browser (Brave). Maybe someone said, "Screw it" and that was enough for them to quit. I hope not. 
Maybe each person had his or her reasons and this is all coincidence. Maybe not.
We like talking about community and how great it is, but now it's time for more than words.
I propose that we need a 200WAD World Summit. I don't know how this will work with participation from users all over the world. Perhaps it will be in Slack. Perhaps it will be the first use of the new "social circles" feature if that is ready soon. Whatever the format, we need a forum for #Teamstreak members and regular 200WAD contributors to get together to talk about the state of 200WAD, and what we can do as a community to encourage people to continue to use the platform to develop a daily writing habit. We can also hear from the man himself @basilesamel to hear his thoughts. 
I have not reached a panic level, but I do have the first alarm bell going off. So what do we think #Teamstreak?

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    @brandonwilson I agree. 200WAD feels like it's reaching an inflection point. Time to be critical and reflect how we can make this last for the long haul.

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Jul 15, 2019 11:40:18
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    @brandonwilson a Zoom or Hangouts virtual meetup would be cool. With my remote developers, we make sure to have them come to Dallas HQ right away; the early in real life meeting really helps communication and connectedness later one. We can't meet IRL, but a videoconference would have similar effects for this community, I think.

    What would the agenda be, is the only question in my mind. Could we do an unconference style format, where people do short presentations?

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jul 14, 2019 09:56:57
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    @brandonwilson let's jump on a call tomorrow? It's summer so a lot of people are going to lose their streaks :) A world summit has been long overdue so I think it's time to organize some sort of online meetup!

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 14, 2019 06:47:28
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    @brandonwilson I don't really have any feeling one way or the other on a summit -- guess I'd have to ask the same question @rosieodsey did: "what's it for?"

    You say you an alarm bell went off, but I'm not understanding why.
    Perhaps someone's goal was simply to challenge themselves to do a 100 day streak and then they were finished. Perhaps they didn't like the tool itself. (That's cool. It's not for everyone.)

    I also don't feel a personal need for a (yet another) social network built around what I'm doing here. I'd rather see 200WAD plan for something fun during Nanowrimo. Perhaps you could do a special #teamstreak rally, etc.

    I'm not feeling the need to attend a special 200WAD summit myself, but perhaps I'm just not seeing and connecting with your vision and goal for it. Maybe share more of your thoughts and motivations on the topic?

    Don The Idea Guy avatar Don The Idea Guy | Jul 13, 2019 19:55:02
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      @dontheideaguy Thank you for the feedback sir.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 07:18:09
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    @brandonwilson My biggest question is "what is it for?" What are we assuming? Is people leaving a bad thing? Is it truly important for everyone to maintain a streak? What is it that we come to 200wad for? I think these answers are different for everyone. I love the idea of a summit but not just for a summit's sake. I also love the idea of community but not just because of familiarity and shared experience - maybe this is why I'm quieter than the rest of the streakers (haha yes that's what I'm calling us). I'm happy to help make it happen. I just need a good future-based reason. What do we want this to be? Where do we all want to go? What is it that truly brings us together?

    Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 14, 2019 09:51:39
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      @rosieodsey How did I know you would be holding my feet to the fire? 🔥😎I could have done a better job articulating why I felt a summit was necessary, but I really wanted to start a conversation with the group and get an overall feel for the community.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 07:16:51
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    @brandonwilson I think baz is building some community chat tools before this, not sure what's the current status though.

    Knight avatar Knight | Jul 14, 2019 07:49:58
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    @brandonwilson Life happens, priorities shift,.. so we can't really expect everyone to keep holding their streaks. That said I agree that a tool to connect would be beneficial. We have slack, but it doesn't cut it. Can't really think of anything else though.

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Jul 13, 2019 20:51:52
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    @brandonwilson First on the agenda ... world domination!

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jul 13, 2019 12:19:08
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      @jacklyons Don't forget to add the fluffy cat in your lap and raise your pinky finger to the corner of your mouth!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 07:07:57
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    @brandonwilson - I think the idea of a never-ending streak in itself raises existential dread. The thought of: If I break my streak, will anything bad happen? I'd better try. Then, you realize nothing happened, so you lose the thread and can't go back to writing for the sake of a streak.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 13, 2019 09:41:41
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      @brianball I agree with you. The streak can be motivational but also have the opposite effect once broken.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 07:11:43
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    @brandonwilson what's the patterns that you'd been sensing that were raising some alarm bells for you? Not quite sure

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 13, 2019 23:41:53
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      @jasonleow One is specific and the other is general. The specific alarm bell is people in #Teamstreak over 100 days or 160 or 180 days dropping out. When it becomes more than one or two people, I call it a pattern. The general one is overall sense of less engagement by the community (maybe not fewer posts but fewer comments on posts in general). Perhaps this could be because I, myself, have been less engaged starting in July since my attention has been more focused on my new work assignment. But I am still here a lot and just noticed a difference say in the last few weeks.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 13, 2019 08:58:18
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    @brandonwilson this is a timely post since I'll get my 100th streak tomorrow.

    It's 200 WAD community that encourages people form a daily writing habit other than just let it go.

    Whatever, as one benefit from #Teamstreak, I'm willing to make a contribution.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 13, 2019 23:21:42
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    @brandonwilson - Thank you for the taking the first initiative Brandon. We need this.

    Let's address the things that we find discouraging lately.

    Let's talk about why we keep coming back and what we love.

    Let's talk about where and how we can help.

    And let's grow.
    We haven't even scratched the surface of the potential of this community to retire this soon.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 13, 2019 11:11:02
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      @brandonwilson @keni +1

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jul 13, 2019 22:56:14
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