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Apr 19, 2019 16:31:19

We Neglect Wrists

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If you are like me you are probably spending more than 12-16 hours looking at screens. Not only are you looking at them but you are interacting with it by touching or scrolling through mouse, trackpad, phones ect., All of these require the usage of your wrists (if you workout add that to the list as well). 

This is going to add up over time and if you are not taking care of your wrists, carpal tunnel or strain issues are in your near future. 

I don't know what's the best way to take care of wrists so I researched around and came to these conclusions that I will be trying:

1. Taking breaks to stretch

I came across this video that explains some stretches that can help make wrists stronger.

2. Massage

Taking a few seconds every now and then to massage wrists to increase circulation. 

3. Switching

I will be switching between a mouse and a trackpad throughout the day to have some variety.

4. Wear support

This might be extreme but I have been hearing from video editor friends of mine that they use something like this to support their wrists. This is more for preventative reasons since they are on their computers more than a normal person.

Let's see how this goes! Do you use another method to protect your wrists?

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