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Mar 13, 2019 18:59:04

We often don't make dreams from childhood come true.

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Hey common wake up hey common your drums hey common wake up

I don't know what to write about. So, I'll tell you about my evening flashbacks. 

Oh, no I wrote these words 1 hour ago and closed the tab. I have a big temptation to write about something not special, but we always need to struggle to be better.

"It's knock on my door knock knock knock knock I'm walking on floor knock knock knock knock I'm looking in glass where is my dress..." β€” words of this song.

Today in the evening I listened to this old song from my childhood. It reminds me how I wanted to live in London after reading a book.

I loved to read women magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan when I was 11-14. 

Once, I read one of this magazines and noticed one interesting description of a book. This book was about Russian girl studied in London. This girl told about private parties, students' life, living in London and etc. I don't remember how this book was called, maybe "London guide"...

So, I wanted to read this book. Luckily, my friend bought this book and gave me to read this. Oh, this book was breath of fresh air for me... I imagined this life, parties and wanted to appear in this book. 

I wanted to had "party life" when I grow up. But I have grown up and I don't want "party life". Haha.

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