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May 27, 2019 16:54:51


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The weather today is really bad. It started raining in the morning, and now in the evening, it didn't stop. I am going to take a driving lesson tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it won't rain too much.

I can handle the cold, but if it's raining constantly my leather driving outfit will get all wet as I don't have a raincoat yet. It won't damage the leather but probably my health.

But I want to finish the driving license for the motorcycle because in the upcoming week there will be moving stress. I don't want to think about the license anymore. I'd like to finish things fast and perfect.

Interestingly the weather also somehow represents the current mood in Austria's political field. The current chancellor has been presented with a motion of no confidence from the other parties. Which means he is out of business.

I won't go into detail about the whole scandal as I am not talking about my political opinion publicly. But I am very interested in how the next few months will go along, as a new election will be held in autumn. Also, #ibizagate is now in every mouth around the world.

I think internationally Austria is currently in a really bad light. Hopefully, they can change that in the next political area. I'm sick of getting stamped of middle to middle right.

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