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May 28, 2019 16:28:52

Weather Part 2

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Yesterday I wrote about the weather. I am sorry, I will write about it again today. :)

It was really bad today. Rainy and cold. But, of course, I had my driving lessons.

It was a different kind of experience. I don't feel the rain through my thick leather outfit, but the downside of leather is, it lets the water through.

So by the end of the lessons, I was soaking wet. I almost could wring my socks and underwear. My T-Shirt also was very wet. I quickly got back home to my apartment to change clothes and prepare for work.

Hopefully, I am not catching a cold from that action. Time will tell. :)

Tomorrow will be the practical exam. I have to admit I am nervous. My instructor says there is nothing to worry about, but my mind does always a little more than what would be necessary.

After passing (< positive thinking right here) the exam I am probably going to work a few hours until I am driving to Vienna, the Capital City of Austria. It is time for another concert.

Tomorrow, I am going to see KISS the second time in my life, and I can't await it. It will be interesting to see what they have planned on their last tour.

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