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Apr 26, 2019 20:52:09

web designing

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The heavy storm outside. It's good to be in a warm home. Beer is cold. Friday is on. Watching tv but in a meantime try to create a new logo for my blog. So far don't have any clue how it could look so maybe will give up hehe. Last few days I do slightly design changes on my personal blog I enjoy doing it even I am not a designer hehe. I just wish I would have bought already a new notebook it would be much more comfortable. Still, I need to refresh it I think I am gonna have a lot to do on the weekend.

It's funny I started creating websites when I was 14 years old I really liked it I started with ms word (yeah the first website was made in a good old word hehe) and slowly moved to HTML and CSS but I couldn't improve my skills to actually work as a web designer I didn't feel comfortable and actually I had fun when I worked just on my sites, not the client sites hehe (I did website for my father and brother but I was so lazy to work on it) ... a few years later and I am still the same :D.

No more words needed.

Time to relax I am gonna grab another beer ... enjoy the weekend guys :)


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