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Mar 11, 2019 09:00:54


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It's Monday morning, and you wonder how come the weekend ended so fast. It's like you are just "TGIF" on friday and the next moment you wake up, it's already Monday morning again.

I feel that very often, especially for the weekend that need to work. That's what happens for the past two days. On Saturday mainly I have done is two things, work and sleep. As I mentioned a few days ago, I m rushing a flash sale for an e-commerce site, and it is going to launch tomorrow, so everything has come in last minute and need to wrap up most of the things during the weekend. At the same time, I feel exhausted; I have been trying something new to wake up early in the morning. So while rushing work late plus wake up early in the morning daily has caused me super tired on Saturday, I sit and fall asleep twice during the day time, which is super embarrassed. I force myself to have an early break and recharge myself.

Sunday is continue to pickup the project, but manage to bring the kids out for a walk and visit the first private library in the town. That's what I try to make it work, no matter how busy the work is, you still need to spend time with kids on the weekend. After coming back from the visit, we all have a good noon nap. Finally, I have properly recharge this weekend.

Night time after the kids go to bed, continue my work and get it done around 11 pm, I had a bit struggle to continue work on my product but decided to take a rest. The upcoming week will be another busy week; I better get myself enough rest to handle it.

That's gone the weekend, spending times on work and family. Not much for myself, but at least I did spend times with the family.

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