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Sep 21, 2019 22:06:49

Weekend Off

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I really don't have much to say tonight.  I sort of took the weekend off to spend the weekend visiting friends in Seattle and have been focusing all of my time in hanging out with them, so really I have not had time to concentrate on writing.

I will fly back home tomorrow and I expect things to go back to normal with my writing workflow, plus the new strategy that I will start implementing in the coming week.

This was a nice trip overall.  I got to visit the local Zoo, sample some of the local coffee and I got to go on one of the most beautiful hiking trails I have ever experienced..

Coming from the American southwest desert area, it is refreshing to walk around a place that has such abundant forms of life and nature.

And so I've been doing all these stuff instead of my normal routine and it has thrown me a little off the wagon.  And this post is a little more about not losing my streak than it is about any profound thoughts I can actually share.

Perhaps tomorrow would be a better day to write... I will be spending 4 hours on a direct flight back home so I'm looking forward to catching up on my writing during that time.

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