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Jan 11, 2019 17:27:07

What Are YOU Working On?

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Tracy Farnsworth

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For the first time in over a year, I finally have some breathing room outside of client work to concentrate on a few personal projects.

Every year, I am determined to devote a set amount of time and resources to work on my own passion projects.  But alas, I rarely turn down client jobs and end up booking more gigs than I can handle in a year.  

So let's see if I can't gain some traction on my following "to accomplish" list.

1. Major kitchen Remodel.  (Status:  In progress. Painfully in progress.)

2. Publish my cookbook.  (Status:  Not started.  My husband is a personal trainer and was a former chef at a popular Hoboken restaurant and I cooked privately for clients requiring healthy alternatives.  I've accumulated a lot of tried and true recipes that I want to combine into a cookbook.  Should be fun, with a new kitchen to boot.)

3. Personal blog. (Status:  Started, stopped, started, stopped...  My first blog was decades ago, when blogs barely existed and a few years ago, I had a fitness blog with a very loyal following.  So it's time to eliminate the inconsistency and just suck up some discipline to set aside time to build up again.)

4. Retail Startup. (Status: Research stages.  I was in operations for over 15 years and worked with companies such as Saks, Nordstrom's, Zappos etc.  I've also launched several clients ecomm sites over the years.  Time to invest in my own portfolio, I'd say.)

That's the list.  A small list yet significant amount of devotion and time management to successfully navigate all 3.  

So I'd love to hear what is on everyone's personal project list for this year?

Until tomorrow.

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