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Feb 03, 2019 18:51:25

What I did In Jan 2019

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What happens in Jan 2019 toward my 2019 Goals.

Things that I miss:

  • Didn't start reading any books - Planning to read two books per month
  • Didn't pick up any new tech - Planning to pick up one new tech per month
  • Didn't launch Hookeepr v2

I miss out in building products and self-learning part, but I try to put these into a more systematic way. Hopefully, it helps, and I will try to improve it in Feb.

Habits that I built:

Fall sick on end of January, going to be stricter keto diet in Feb after the Lunar New Year ( haha ). Hopefully, that can bring a more healthy lifestyle for me.

Business & Products:

  • Launch one of the Woocommerce client project.
  • Hit 50% of my Q1 sales goal
  • Firm up what I going to build for the rest of Q1

I m a bit lost starting of Jan but after some freelance work, I saw some opportunity on some products, the remaining of Q1 should focus on this direction.

Work-Life Balance:

  • Celebrate the big kid birthday for a few rounds
  • Complete pre-Lunar New Year cleanup, this is the first year we finish in time.

Tomorrow I going to share how I track these on Trello and I going to try the same thing on Notion this month.

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