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May 10, 2019 21:06:29

What-if: self-driving across the world

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What if self-driving technology were to be so matured and widely spread across the world in 20 or 30 years later? How would it look like? Let's do a thought experiment.

Car is a public transportation

We do not have to own a car anymore by ourselves. Like Uber, they are floating and around you. It is one of the public transportation in addition to the self-driving bus, truck, train. They are different in terms of capacity, speed, route restriction, and price. 

In a car

Assume you do not have to focus on driving itself. You would be able to work on a laptop or an instant desk, have a meeting using VR to have a pseudo-face-to-face meeting, exercise, cooking, drinking, etc. 

Residential Area

If you are comfortable to utilize the time in a car, you will not live that close to the office. The residential areas might expand to double or triple size of the periphery. 


If all of the cars including trucks, trailers, buses, etc are self-driving, I would imagine there are far fewer number of car accidents than the ones now. 

No traffic waiting time

If it is so optimized and deterministic who wants to go where for every single road, then it could be controlled by each other and they do not have to wait for a fixed time. The cars might slow down a bit to avoid the collision. 

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