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Jan 17, 2019 18:50:33

What is needed for good writing?

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Since I started 200wordsaday, my antenna was opened to "writing". Whenever I read a blog or articles, I look at them from different angles. I kept questioning myself how I could write a better sentence, what would be the potential topics, how others can write a great post...etc.

One of the articles that hooked me today is about what is the good writing. This writing is about more of a post, not book.

According to the blog,

Good writer is not a person who can write about the theme given by somebody nicely.

He also continued that the good write is the person who can write based on his perspective. The more unique his / her perspective is, the content will be more intriguing.

Another professor was also cited in this blog:

If your sense of value is not in you, you cannot be a true creator (Hiro's note: a writer in our context). Regardless of the contents like research, speech, paintings, the criteria of the value should be within the creator, and the creator should cast a doubt and through their idea and opinion to outside based on his/her criteria.
The persons who has the criteria determined by others, they always wonder if they reached to the level the others expect or not, and cannot publish their own idea. Without publishing, the person cannot be any creator.  

I need to keep asking myself if I have a strong criteria within myself when I create something for the world. If we work in academic or a corporate company, we are sometimes asked to understand what is expected by our professors or boss.  

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