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Jan 28, 2019 08:27:25

What is success? (7/333)

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Yesterday I thought about my life and realized that I didn't understand what is a success and what I was aiming for. 

Until yesterday I thought that success is when you work hard and make cool projects that people really love. To be honest, it's a trivial understanding of success and I devised my personal success concept.

Today I want to introduce you with it.

First of all, success based on four (maybe more) components: body, healthy mind, relationship, and work. (The combination of a healthy mind and body reminds me of yoga.)

What do these components include? 

Body includes health and physical body condition. 

Healthy mind includes freedom, wisdom, positive thinking, habits, dreams and aspiration. 

Relationship contains relationship with all people that are around you: love, friends, family, coworkers, the woman from the shop who sells sweets and etc.. 

Work includes the quality and value of what you do and money. 

So, success is a balance. It's a balance between all aspects of your life. If one of the components is not satisfied, you won't feel successful. 


Thanks for reading. So, what is a success for you? 

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