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Feb 21, 2019 18:49:20

What Place is your Head in?

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I just got back from a walk. On the sidewalk, downtown, was a man sitting, holding a sign asking for money. Three feet away from him was a man doing some kind of handy work to the front of one of the storefronts. Who is making more money? Thatโ€™s the first thing that might come into mind. But the question that intrigues me more is not who is making more money โ€” the man sitting with a sign asking for money? Or the one drilling holes? โ€” or even how much more money the latter is making than the former, or all the money that the latter is missing out on by sitting their idle. The question that intrigues me more is what kind of existence the either are leading, in the same place and same time. 

I get back into the cafe and begin writing this. And I begin to think of the people sitting on Facebook, or even endlessly replying to work-emails. Itโ€™s warm in here, the people are young and well-dressed, and there is good coffee and decent baked goods. We are in the same place physically. Whatโ€™s goin on in each individualโ€™s heads. What kind of place is there head in?

What place is your head in? Is that where you want it?

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