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Dec 17, 2018 15:37:06

What's in the way?

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Brian Ball

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Is there anything, I can identify or admit to, that would make my process smoother? Do I have all the skills and resources I need? Is there a mental block I haven't considered - maybe something in a blind spot? Do I need help or further learning?

If writing a book is the example, what's in the way is the distance between my current word count and the number of words I'll need to include in a final draft. That includes the new words that will be abandoned to the cutting-room floor.

One thing I do each morning is fill in a Daily Review form. It may not be perfect or complete. What It does well, however, is provide a consistent look at my intentions for the day. I fill it in and can quickly reflect on what happened the previous day. This allows me to build connections between my days. I can then link activities with words and watch the patterns begin to emerge. Self-awareness develops and I learn about my proclivities. It has yet to become a tool for prognostication, but I have already gained a modicum of confidence in the routine as the main result.

Now, as I plan my day, I am leaning heavily on activities I can include in a system. The system could simply be a linear checklist or a more complex decision with choices and branching logic. The goal is to build something less reliant on me, or any single person, to do all the work.

As I finish writing this, I realize something valuable. In a time when we have total access to an Internet like ours, If there's ever anything in the way, the block likely comes from within my own mind. I have infinite resources at my disposal millions of people are sharing their experiences, opinions and process for getting results. I just need to put in the work to get closer to any outcome I might want for my own life and story. 

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    @brianball I'm reading the War of Art these days. Your piece strongly resonates with what Steven Pressfield says concerning creative resistance.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 17, 2018 17:13:28
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