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Mar 22, 2019 20:34:24

what's up

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Today at the trade show was a little bit busier than yesterday but still pretty chilled. At least I can think about everything else and sorting my thoughts.

Days keep going, I didn't start work on any of my side projects. I'm thinking to redesign my friend's burger restaurant website. I made that website a few years ago and it's pretty bad. I would probably just upload a new template and make some adjustments.

I don't wanna any money for it, I just want to prove myself that I'm able to finish decent looking and usable website and help my friend I am not sure about it now cuz if I am working for someone else I used to get super lazy and never get things done. Will see hehe I'm not in the big pressure. Still, It can lead to some side income in the future or at least a free burger hehe.

Anyway, what's up 200WaD? :) people come and go here and just a few streakers left. My posts here getting pretty bad I'm acknowledged about that so my plan is to stay here until 100 days after that I am not sure maybe stay maybe leave .. maybe some big topic will come to my mind and I will be eager to write about it .. let's be surprised.:)


Stay with me. Efran.

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