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May 06, 2019 19:30:47

What to Read?

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Basile Samel

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There isn't enough time in one life to read every book, even more so to read everything on the Internet. The amount of information is infinite when you compare it to our time on Earth: Google needs 2TB to store every book ever published, but we produce this amount of data more than a million times every single day.

It's a fact we can't read everything and time is precious, we have to choose our readings with care.

We can't solely rely on others to tell us what to read: reading must remain liberating, not dogmatic. It's important to develop your own judgment.

Instead, we should do our own research, meaning, we should pursue our own questions, our own needs. We are all looking for something in our lives: some people read to be entertained, others want to improve their lives, to receive a vision of beauty, or just out of boredom. We do everything for a reason, consciously or not. Learning about our needs is the first step toward a great learning experience.

We can't be purely problem-driven, it's important to leave room for curiosity, for the unexpected reading materials we always end up stumbling upon here and there. Rabbit holes can be enlightening experiences.

Sometimes, picking a book reveals itself to be a mistake, the interest quickly fades away. Just close the damn book and jump on the next one, you were not ready.

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