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Jun 12, 2019 18:22:59

What to write about? My goal to write.

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What to write about? This question torment every human who write every day. Probably. Some people have lists of topics and some people just know what to write about because they are interested in something.

But how to write everyday about topic you are interested? Hm, I have never asked this question. Can I just write every day about topic I love?

So, I do it. Usually I do it, but sometimes I am tired or just don't have time to write and write something strange or not interesting words.

If I don't have problems with writing on interesting for me themes, I shouldn't think that I do something wrong. 

To be honest, choice of a topic isn't important for me because I started writing to improve my English skills. And every (even the most stupid) post here helps me to achieve this goal. But nonetheless, it's better to have a specific topic because it's just more interesting.

My English skills improved, I achieved the goal. Now I can write, think and speak much better than before.

Now my goal is to be better in English than I am now. I should learn grammar and strange combination of words "how great it is". This word sequence exists in Russian language, but it's strange for me that it's exists in English language. My grammar level says that it's wrong...

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