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Mar 29, 2019 06:58:21

Where did my time gone

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When you heard people say ship it, as a freelancer parent with two kids, you can only laugh on it. It is not easy to have a healthy family lifestyle, working on your freelance work and building your product at the same time. Sometimes when I told my wife I have an idea to build something, she says just do it, I was like it's effortless to say that when you are not on my position to do all the things.

I would say around 50% is on family matters. 

  • My parent related things, like we dinner at my parent place daily on weekdays, sometimes we go out for food and some family event.
  • My wife's side family related things, my mother in law only have daughters, so as the elder son in law, there are things that I need to help out. Include like recently help to send my wife's sister to a hospital to check out.
  • Housework, a few things need to take care of every day like laundry and rubbish cleaning
  • Kids, mainly the big kid, get him up daily send him to school and weekend to bring both of them around.

40% if for my freelance work, I do my freelance work every day, sometimes clock about 8 ~ 10 hours a day, I might not be a coding every single minute, but there are times you need to research, debug and do after sale support for your work.

I leave the last 10% for myself, although I don't feel I got the 10% most of the times.

  • Entertainment - Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Steam gaming
  • Learn - pick up technology, I been doing very little now a day on this, lots of new things I can only google for the temp solutions.
  • Build Product - since products didn't bring in actual income yet, I consider using it personal time to build it.
  • Read - follow up my tweets for all the latest tech things, emails and RSS feed.

I hope I can squeeze in some time to sit down and do nothing, but I can't that's why it annoys me sometimes when people are wasting my time. My idea is to convert the freelance work to products so that all these can equally take out 30% of my time. Family, products each take out 30% and increase my me time to 30% as well. The remaining 10% can adjust as per needed.

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