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Jan 26, 2019 23:41:28

Whose (Turn In) Line Is It Anyway?

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Nick Simard

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First...is it in line, on line or in queue? Whatever you call it, nobody likes having to wait their turn in lineups. Due to my ADD I may be more impatient than many people, but I’ve never met someone who enjoys having to wait for others to compete something before they can get their turn.

Here are a few places where I see lines crossed (see what I did there).

Exiting an airplane

When you aren’t able to de-plane from the front AND back (why don’t all airlines do this, by the way) you have to wait until everybody who is closer to the front of the plane gets off before it’s your turn.

First of all, why the fuck are you standing up, Mr. 37C? It’s going to be at least 10 minutes before everyone ahead of you is able to get their shit together (literally, gathering belongings, carry-ons, etc).

But then there’s that moment when the aisle across from yours is finishing up and you’re expecting to go, but someone from the row behind yours just starts walking, as though they have the right of way because they’ve been standing up for 8 minutes.

Yes, I understand that people have to catch connecting flights sometimes, but rarely does it seem like they’re in a hurry so much as feeling entitled to skipping ahead of people.

Side note: why don’t airlines let passengers who might miss connecting flights get off first? Yeah, some people cheat and get up when they don’t have connecting flights but it really sucks being 33 rows back and knowing that you’ll have to run to catch your connection.

Back to the line jumpers. In no world should it be the turn of someone farther back, unless the person ahead of them signals that it’s OK. Like if they don’t wanna rushed they may say “go ahead”. If it’s given, cool. But don’t just take it.

In a grocery store line

You’ve probably been there, in line waiting to pay for your items, when another cash register is opened.

“I can help the next person in line”, the cashier says.

Should the person at the BACK of a line move to that one, since if it wasn’t announced, that would probably be the person who goes over? Why would the one who’s next to be served, and who already has all their stuff on the conveyor belt, pick up their things and move?

And yet, the NEXT person in line likely won’t be the one who’s standing at very back of the line.

I imagine there are a variety of opinions on this one.

Costco Gas Station

Costco has gas stations where there are not just two gas pumps, but three. This makes things a little more complicated, depending on the cadence and timing of when people pull up and how large their gas tank is.

Ideally, you pull up to the front-most pump but if the middle person finishes first, leaving an empty middle pump, but the other two are wrapping up it makes sense to wait for everyone to leave then go to the front pump.

It might sound crazy but I’ve seen people who are in a different lineup entirely move into that middle spot, because being next in THEIR line somehow means they can switch over and take the empty gas pump.

This one’s not really defendable, right? Seems egregious to me.

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    @nicksimard I had this bookmarked ready for you to surface again so I could comment. First airplane. Yes exit front and back seems reasonable to me. One time I heard the announcement to let people who have a flight to Norway to get off first and literally half the plane marched by me before I said screw it and joined them. Grocery store. It's usually the person who is at the back of the line that ends up straight to the open register when it should be the person next one line who hasn't already deployed items to the conveyor belt. And don't get me started on someone in front of me paying with a check. Costco gas station sounds like bad design. I'll pay a few cents more to have easy access/exit. By the way, one of my pet peeves was when I'd be driving up to a fast food drive-thru, and I can see someone pull up and get in there first. That drives me crazy, and I just pull away. If a car is already there that's one thing, but if I see it happen, unacceptable. No more drive-thru's for me anymore so I don't have to worry about that anyway.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 08, 2019 19:34:17
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