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Mar 01, 2019 01:30:40


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Victoria Maung

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Why did you choose to study medical illustration?

As I was listening in to mock interviews today, I usually heard the same why in response to the question above. 

- I've always been fascinated by both art and science, and this was a way to combine those two subjects.

- I wanted a way to communicate complex scientific concepts to my friends.

So I thought I'd brainstorm of couple of my own.

- The reason why I ended up with a basic science major is because of the internet has been such a rich source of digital images, diagrams, videos, games, and more that made science fascinating to learn. So I want to contribute to the industry that made it so accessible. 

- Medical communication is a natural progression of my passion for visual design and science communication. It reconciles of my two disparate skill sets: fine art and basic science. More often than not, it's an interdisciplinary skill set that is needed in today's world of instant digital publishing, where lots of inaccurate information reside.

- I've always been a visual learner, and I found that how well a presentation or diagram is designed can make or break a learning experience. I believe a design skill set is valuable because we biomedical communicators are trained to make illustrations and animations about complex data effective. Science shouldn't be a black box, and processes like the citric acid cycle can be presented in such a way that makes it easier for everyone.

- Medical communication is increasingly relevant in today's technology age, and I want to be a responsible purveyor of both accurate and accessible information. I think the role of a biomedical communicator is of growing importance because digital communications is still going through a growth spurt, evidenced by the fact that digital marketing funds now supersede funds spent on traditional forms of advertising, like television, billboards, or radio.

- Maybe I'm selfish because I think medical illustration is a space for me to explore, from a sociological perspective, how information is disseminated because I know that how we communicate science will be paramount to society's relationship with science. I wanted to give myself a career where that would be a part of my job! Especially medical science is important, in light of the anti-vaccination epidemic. Furthermore, I want to better understand, from a user-centric design perspective, more about cultural and demographic-specific considerations to best communicate science.

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