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Jan 31, 2019 13:07:12

Why do you love me?

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Merina beach.

A Friday evening.

Time would be 4 or 4:30pm.

Beech was less crowded.

Our hero and heroine of our novel were present there.

She is veni and she is a Brahmin.

He is prashanth and he is not a Brahmin.

Prashanth was look like a typical Telugu film hero.

He tried to touch her hand.

She didn’t accept it.

He asked ”why shouldn’t I touch your hand”

“can not we just love each other with out any touch?” she replied.

“ it is not 19th century . it is 21st century you know?”

“ I know but I and my family is a traditional one . I don’t want any love that will spoil the reputation of my family”

“oh traditional! ?” he spoke like a not satisfied one.

“ok leave it. Tomorrow is my birth day veni. I want to introduce you to some of my friend”.


“At Mambalam my working place.”

“do you have arranged any party?” she asked.


“any drinks”

“yes I am a twenty first century lad. You can not imagin any birth day party with out alcohol”

“ sorry to say I can’t attend that party”

“oh I will not have any drink tomorrow I promise it. Only my friends will drink”


“I cann’t come”

“then why on the earth you loveme girl?”

“ just I love you that’s all. I and my family have some standards. I have to adhere to my familys tradition.

Tomorrow there should not be any bad name to my father and my mother”.

“ oh do you really love me?”


“do you really love me?”

“ya prashanth. Can’t you understand me?”

“ tomorrow if your family didn’t accept me to marry you then what will be your decision veni?

”I will try to talk about you to my father ”

“still you didn’t answered to my question I asked if they don’t accept me what will happen?

“ I will not marry you. Sorry please understand my feelings”

“Am I seemed to be a joker?”

“prashanth please understand me”

“ veni do one thing go to your house and marry any body who will be engaged by your father and your mother”

“prashanth I love you first understand that”

“for what?”

There was not any answer from veni. She just has tears in her eyes.

“For what baby?”

“ I will really talk about it to my father . with in this week”

“ one thing is clear . your family will not accept me. And you also will not going to accept me.”

He angrily left that place.

She was still sat on the beach with out knowing what should be her next action.”

--will continue.


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