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Apr 26, 2019 15:01:35

Why Gucci Mane is Great

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One night I was at a 24/7 diner eating high-calorie food and drinking caffeinated coffee with my handsome yet depressed friend. He and I had just graduated college and were doing nothing with our lives.

"Hey you know how we used to be like really cool?"

My friend laughs. "Yes."

"But we're actually not like cool. We're like the pussy ass niggas." 

I had been listening seriously to Gucci for the first time. And I'd been actually falling in love with it. I had always listened to Gucci in a way that appropriated the culture.. kind of in jest cause I thought I was better than what Gucci represented. 

But for some reason, one day I loaded up a USB stick up with two of Gucci's mixtapes and began listening on my short drives around town. He was actually really good. And music is just music. But he was like a fucking good person. Like an admirable person.

I began seeing the hipster culture as just our version of the hood and the trap. And I began asking myself. Am I like Gucci, or just another snitch, pussy-ass, bitch, whatever-else-negative-adjective nigga that Gucci was always bashing on his songs.

And it was clear while my handsome friend and I were eating our potatoes and eggs  at 3 AM cause there was nothing we had to wake up for the upcoming morning.

"We like are the shitty gangsters and drug dealers who end up killed or in prison. But our hood, like being in college in like this town is like less vicious... so instead of prison or death we are just like running around doing drugs aimlessly."

My friend laughed.

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    @abrahamKim "Gucci Mane" is what I classify as a non-name. I don't refer to it as a no-name because that would still give it the dignity of a name. I am glad you are enjoying the works produced by the non-name, but this classification prevents me from pursuing anything further in the interest of time.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 26, 2019 08:19:45
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