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Jan 11, 2019 17:37:24

Why I like to code

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I really like to code. I enjoy solving non-trivial problems while writing code. Coding is very similar to building with LEGO: you just take different bricks and combine them in such a way that they make sense. If they don't work for some reason — change the structure and try again. I believe that my childhood passion for LEGO trained me to think logically and understand code well, and I'm grateful for this. And after that I used to play Minecraft, and it required some logical thinking too as I loved building different redstone contraptions. Coding now is like an “adult” version of lego for me. I wonder what comes next... Fiddling with genetic code?

But I like to code not because it gives me a lot of complex problems to solve and not for the process of coding itself, although it can be a lot of fun. I like it because it gives me the ability to solve real-world problems, it allows me to experiment and to turn my ideas into reality. And then using the magic of the internet I can spread these ideas and solutions across the world — they become available to billions of people. 

Magic, right?

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    @zyumbik I agree with what you say! :) I love it too!!

    Jason avatar Jason | Jan 11, 2019 19:16:41
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