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Sep 04, 2019 21:03:18

Why I'm writing

by @jasonleow | 244 words | 442πŸ”₯ | 481πŸ’Œ

Jason Leow

Current day streak: 442πŸ”₯
Total posts: 481πŸ’Œ
Total words: 279026 (1116 pages πŸ“„)

Why I wrote then, back in Dec 2018 when 200wad started:

  • always wanted to write more regularly, but never did due to perceived high barrier and expectations of upkeeping a blog
  • think by writing - it helps me reflect better about life
  • being an introvert, connecting with others through the written word is easier
  • one-directional brain-dump of what's in my head out into the world 
  • overall, writing for convergence, analysis, making sense, recording-keeping

Why I write when I was going through a writing slump sometime around day 60-100:

  • just for keeping the streak
  • to do random experiments for fun (like emoji writing) and trickstering (like creating graphics with letters)
  • thankfully, it was a trip to Kyoto that brought new fresh energy back to my writing
  • overall, writing for emergence, to try to discover a new reason(s)

Why I write now, after 271πŸ”₯:

  • envision, imagine and plan out new dreams and stories I want to manifest
  • build on the comments/discussions with others regarding whatever I'm writing about, and therefore improve on the ideas
  • more bi-directional exchanges of soul toying with the bread dough of ideas consumed elsewhere (from books, blogs, podcasts, others' posts here), kneading it into words with shape and form, and then cannibalizing it again to sculpt it anew
  • overall, writing for divergence, synthesis, creating anew, future-casting  

It's been an interesting evolution for sure. I wonder how things will unfold in the months to come!

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    @jasonleow I don't know Jason.... But I feel you're a best seller already.

    Am I first person to call this?

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Sep 04, 2019 23:02:55
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      @seunoyebode oh man, you're too nice! ☺️It's just a bunch of bullet points about my journey here...

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Sep 05, 2019 20:59:22
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    @jasonleow - Yup... As much as the habit of writing is awesome - the people here, their feedback, their encouragement and finding like-minded people attempting crazy things like working only 6 months and earning a million dollars - is the reason I stick around.

    Awesome write up Jason.
    Your posts are easy to ready and I relate with almost all of them.

    Keni avatar Keni | Sep 04, 2019 13:11:54
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      @keni thanks Keni. Thanks for being always supporting and encouraging. Your comments does make a difference to me, and why I write. :)

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Sep 05, 2019 21:00:25
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