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Jul 14, 2019 10:52:21

Why I started #Teamstreak

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Brandon Wilson

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My dad was an engineer and technical writer. He had a master's degree in Latin and Greek from Northwestern. He was a master of English and writing. I would ask him a simple question in an email and receive a reply that could have been published in a magazine as-is. I knew he wrote it on the spot because I had seen him do it. Some people speak in prose, no umms and ahhs, no superfluous words. They speak as if they are reading something prepared in advance. My dad wrote that way.

I'm lucky enough to have inherited some of that writing ability. I view it as a gift and a responsibility. I know I have not used this skill to its true potential.

I need to become a better writer. 
I'm in an industry and career that is hard for me to be passionate about. Let's face it, most people have a negative opinion of health insurance (unless it was there when you needed it, but that's becoming more and more rare.) 
I have been trapped in the Matrix and only recently discovered that the Matrix even exists. My success in the traditional secondary and post-secondary education system and in traditional office work environments has only served as a disadvantage. By some measures, long-term employment with more than fair compensation should be viewed as success. The problem for me is lack of fulfillment. I know that the key for me to exit the Matrix is to learn new skills but also double-down on my strengths. 
I need to become a better writer.
I was dabbling for awhile. I joined the site Serious Bloggers Only. I bought Jon Morrow's course called Freedom Machine to learn about blogging. I published my first "official" article on Medium on May 5, 2017. It wasn't very good. But it was a start. In the beginning I was enthusiastic, publishing one article a month, and then things dropped off as they tend to do. I needed to find my voice. @mikebyrnes often wrote about finding his writing voice. It's too bad he hasn't been around to share more of his journey.
I need to become a better writer. 
At the end of 2018 I was already planning a "New Year's Resolution" to start writing consistently. To become a better writer you primarily need to do two things: 1) Read a lot, and 2) Write a lot. 
Then I found 200 Words a Day. I don't even remember how I found it. The important thing is that I found it. On December 5, 2018 I started my writing journey on 200WAD. I'll be honest, without the streak component I would not have lasted as long as I have. I can just look at my history to see the evidence. 
So why did I start #Teamstreak? 
I need to become a better writer.
And I placed a bet that there might be some other people who found 200WAD and have the same goal. 
I realize now that there is a fundamental flaw in the creation. Up to this point, #Teamstreak has been a voluntary exit but an involuntary entrance. Reach 30 days of consecutive writing and POOF! you're on #Teamstreak. When I wrote the previous #Teamstreak post, I put the spotlight on people "whether they wanted to be on the team or not." I cast the net out wide when I should have drawn it in close.
My method for becoming a better writer is not for most people. I am sure there are writers on 200WAD who have posted consecutively for 30 days or more who may not have the same goals or may not want to be tied to the idea of #Teamstreak and that is completely fine by me. I want #Teamstreak to be self-selecting.
How do you know whether #Teamstreak is right for you?
  • You need to become a better writer. Notice I did not say "want." Want is for dabblers. Need is for the truly dedicated.
  • You recognize that a fundamental method of improving your writing is to write AND publish every day, no exceptions.
  • You are willing to stay on #Teamstreak until you achieve your desired goals.
  • You enjoy the community of other members of #Teamstreak, relying on the camaraderie, giving support, and supporting others. 
Existing #Teamstreak members, you now have a choice. If what I say resonates with you and you're still in, please tell me. If you are currently in #Teamstreak and don't wish to be formally part of this movement, I want to hear from you as well. I just want a decision and absolutely no hard feelings. If you opt out of #Teamstreak, I won't be tagging you in announcements or bugging you anymore.
What are the benefits of being in #Teamstreak? Let me answer @brianball who will surely ask. Admittedly there isn' t much currently. We have a small spotlight. We have a dedicated Slack channel. But I'm planning some really good things. Think of a Mastermind about writing and overall enhancing mind and body health. 
@basilesamel will need to modify the #Teamstreak page to display only the people who have opted in. 
Going forward, when people reach 30 days of consecutive writing on 200WAD I will reach out to them with the choice to join #Teamstreak. 
It's a humble beginning, but I'm not giving up on my mission. This site came at the right time for me. @keni eloquently explained the benefits she's experienced in her recent post. We are just getting started.
My father was the only person I knew who could type faster than I can with complete accuracy. At some point near the end of his life, his mental and physical abilities deteriorated. His hands tightened up to the point where he could only type with his two index fingers.  His emails had various mistakes. It was like a different person had written them. His gift was locked away, never to return. I will not keep my gift locked away. It's time to unlock it. It's time to improve myself so that I can help others improve themselves.
I need to become a better writer.
Each day. Every day. 
Will you join me?

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  • 1

    @brandonwilson Thanks for inviting me @brandonwilson. I would love to be a part of #teamstreak and join your movement. What an honour. And I need it. My goal so far was to write for 30 consecutive days. And now, #teamstreak will help me to keep going. Thank you!

    Mel avatar Mel | May 06, 2020 14:01:26
  • 1

    @brandonwilson thanks for inviting me in Teamstreak. You can definitely count me in! I know I will be more committed if I know that my Team is expecting my post :) Thanks!

    Leon Ε krilec avatar Leon Ε krilec | Jan 31, 2020 21:41:36
  • 1

    @brandonwilson Sure, I'll stay on #TeamStreak. I nneed to become a better writer. I need to publish every day. I sleep better when I do. That in itself should be enough but I have lots of other reasons. Thanks for creating this group. I find it an encouragement, and I will take (and give) all the encouragement I can.

    Jon Carl Lewis avatar Jon Carl Lewis | Oct 06, 2019 21:41:08
  • 1

    @brandonwilson see you in 22 days :)

    David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 16, 2019 14:33:11
    • 1

      @davidneuman I am counting on it!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 16, 2019 18:26:03
    • 1

      @davidneuman - it's easier and harder than it looks. I find it easiest to feel confident I'll get my writing in when I do so before I get into a work flow.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 18, 2019 06:00:25
    • 1

      @brianball I definitely get that. Made it to 30ish days before I left on a vacation, and when I broke my streak once I couldn't recover. On the largest streak ever since so I'm planning on keeping it going!

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 18, 2019 10:24:34
  • 1

    @brandonwilson Count me in!!!!!!.

    Can we make this a movie already?

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jul 16, 2019 07:21:21
    • 1

      @seunoyebode Fantastic! I'm glad you're in.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 16, 2019 18:25:28
  • 1

    @brandonwilson you and @lucjah should join forces and become my community managers πŸ’™ thanks for being an inspiration to us all

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 16, 2019 05:52:44
    • 1

      @brandonwilson and of course I wanna join #TeamStreak!!! :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 16, 2019 05:53:15
    • 1

      @basilesamel Whoa whoa let's not get crazy 😜

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 16, 2019 18:24:30
  • 1

    @brandonwilson -thanks for sharing.

    I think if someone's habit is associated to family memory, it would be a lifelong behavior even though not a career.

    So, I'm in.

    I also want to be one that could create beautiful memories of writing for others. Right here, on 200 WAD.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 00:08:53
    • 1

      @5plus6 I agree with you! I'm so glad you're in!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 15, 2019 19:13:12
  • 1

    @brandonwilson Love the back story of your dad being a writer. Thanks for sharing so openly. Of the 4 points, only the last point about enjoying community and supporting each other resonates most. Hope that's enough for eligibility? If so, count me in! :)

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 15, 2019 22:05:35
    • 1

      @jasonleow I was hoping you'd be in, and somehow I knew the last point would be the one that got you.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 15, 2019 19:13:35
    • 1

      @brandonwilson hahah it's uncanny isn't it? After 200+ days of reading each other's posts and comments, I guess we start to form a good idea of each other's interests!

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 16, 2019 22:37:46
  • 1

    @brandonwilson I too need to become a better writer. I don't believe there will ever be a day when I could say "now I'm there, now I don't need to try to be a better writer anymore". There is always room for improvement. #teamstreak 4ever!

    Janne Koponen avatar Janne Koponen | Jul 15, 2019 14:24:03
    • 1

      @Arcticloon Yessss!!! Considering how long you have been writing, I figured you would be a diehard. Love it!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 15, 2019 19:14:49
  • 1

    @brandonwilson I’m in. It is the most lucky and happy thing for me in my current life.

    Piglet avatar Piglet | Jul 15, 2019 15:46:13
    • 1

      @piglet I'm so happy to hear that!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 15, 2019 19:14:13
  • 1

    @brandonwilson I'm in. Even when I was out, I was on the way back in. Oh and we have our new slogan: "I'm becoming a better writer."

    Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 15, 2019 10:10:59
    • 1

      @rosieodsey I'm very happy to hear that you are all in. Love that slogan!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 17:55:20
    • 1

      "Even when I was out, I was on the way back in"
      I love that! Me too!

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Oct 31, 2019 17:17:53
  • 1

    @brandonwilson I'm in! The best thing is the feeling that I know I will never run out of things to write about. I wanted to write a lot of technical posts for my blog and I've achived that. Before 200wad I updated my blog every few months, now not only I write once a day of 200was, but I launched a blog where I've written a few longer pieces that have gotten a pretty great reception. My offline week approaches, but my wife is going to publish what I write, so that's going to be interesting to see if anything changes not having access to the internet for a while.

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Jul 14, 2019 22:00:32
    • 1

      @valentino So happy to hear that! I like how you already have a strategy in place for your offline week.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 13:17:37
  • 1

    @brandonwilson - So beautiful. Your dad would be so proud of this writing. Wow.

    I am so in .....you have no idea.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 14, 2019 15:58:10
    • 1

      @keni I knew you would be. Thanks for reading. πŸ˜€ I'm excited to take things up a notch.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 13:18:25
  • 1

    @brandonwilson I'm in. I started many many content producing projects since I discovered the internet at the age of eight or nine. Besides my Youtube LetsPlay Channel, I didn't stick to something, sadly I even abandoned Youtube.
    But I like to create content and I know the best way to improve something is repetition. Be it in the gym, or here on 200wad.
    My muscles need about a day and a half to recover at my current fitness level, my "writing-muscles" regenerate much faster and the only reason is repetition.
    Since I signed up on this platform I know I improved my writing. I can sit down and punch out words just from a simple headline or thought.
    Sure, it isn't always the next Shakespear, but does it need to be? I don't think so. If you do one bad repetition of a set with 9 good ones you will improve. I think every fitness coach will tell you that.
    And one thing I know for sure, if there wasn't a streak to be kept alive and the comment's on some of my posts I wouldn't be here anymore.
    So @brandonwilson count on me!

    Philipp Haidenbauer avatar Philipp Haidenbauer | Jul 14, 2019 21:35:57
    • 1

      @phaidenbauer You get it and you're committed. I'm thrilled that you're in. Stay tuned.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 13:22:06
  • 1


    I'm in. Shoot me an email, I had some ideas.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jul 14, 2019 20:06:34
    • 1

      @abrahamKim I am very pleased that you are in Sir Abe. Stay tuned.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 13:23:45
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