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Sep 07, 2019 21:05:48

Why I Write

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Given this is the topic of the week, I decided to revisit the question "Why I'm Writing"? And use it to reflect on how has my view around this topic has evolved based on my experience so far.

It is my belief that, in a world where humans are constantly being bombarded with information coming at us from every direction, shape and form, it is ever more important now to make a conscious effort to take some time out of our busy lives to check-in with ourselves. Time to get clear on the signals coming from our own mind and body and what they're trying to tell us about the experience we are having in this moment.  Given as to how life is all about being in our experience.

I see journarling as the perfect gateway for intentionally reaching this state of mind. With the added benefits that your thoughts get recorded for prosperity, giving you the option to revisit them at a later time.

Having this in mind, I started the habit of writing daily almost two months ago.

At the time, I explained that my motivations to get started were to become better at achieving clear thinking, removing mental noise and becoming centered/grounded with what is happening within and around me and my interpretations as well as responses to these events.

Today, the motivation continues to be the same and I'm pleased to be able to say that it has worked as intended:  Through the act of writing, I get to reflect on my own thoughts, organize them in a clear way and communicate them in a concise manner.

Aside from the benefits of achieving a higher level of clear thinking, writing has allowed me to share my thoughts and experiences in a free and open way with other people outside of my immediate circle of influence.  I see this as a form of giving back to the community (even if it is not in a material way) and I find it extremely rewarding. 

From the beginning, my intention has been to write everyday for at least 2 minutes (whether I get to publish or not).  And, while the two minute rule has helped make the habit easy and more achievable, not achieving the 200 words limit (if and when that happens) has felt like a failure, because it does not get counted in the records and I don't get to claim that victory.  This, at the same time, has been a great motivation to keep grinding until I'm able to hit the goal and publish so that my words get to count :)

It has been this continuous grind that has led me to look for ways to become better at the process of producing my 200 words a day to the point where I have now adopted a methodology proposed by @baz in one of his posts, where you can help to keep your streak by breaking down the process of writing daily into little steps and batching them during days of the week that are more conducive to getting them done.  

For example:  Use the weekend for coming up with topic ideas and creating an outline for each.  That way I don't waste time during the weekdays wondering what the heck I'm gonna write that particular day; I just focus on fleshing out the outline. This has helped a ton!

I'm looking forward to continuing to become a better writer in this platform and sharing my experiences and learnings with others :)

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    @carlosbeas I'm glad it helped! Nowadays I also found that writing offline helps a lot to get me in the flow when my mind is racing. It might be useful to you on stressful days.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Sep 08, 2019 08:20:41
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      @basilesamel Thank you, yes it has definitely helped!
      Today I thought of a new optimization I might implement to my daily routine: I'm gonna use my hour of lunch at work to write instead of listening to podcasts (maybe I'll do 30min each... cause I still find value in listening to podcasts/audio books), instead of waiting until the end of the day to get started :)

      carlos beas avatar carlos beas | Sep 08, 2019 21:06:20
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