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Jun 05, 2019 21:27:05

WiFi connection sucks

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Every day, wifi connection problems would cost me at least one and a half hours: checking, reconnecting, reloading, waiting while cursing.

Actually, I am the only student addicted on the internet among others who could offline working all day. Why? Because I have to gather online information, use online tools and read online articles. Even a simple task such as typing can't be done without the help of Grammarly. 

I hate that. I can't live without the internet.

Obviously, I am driven by curiosity as well as the awareness of filter bubbles breaking. People around me share the same common life pattern and knowledge base: they search in the same way for the same questions and find the same answers. Over the years, no one has updated the way to learn, organize and share knowledge. 

I hate that, too. I can't survive without making new experiments.

Constantly, I remind myself that when you are trapped in a hole, no one would stop moving towards his or her better life for you. So many students around me are living a comfortable way to get limited information behind the internet firewall, however, no one outside the wall would get less valuable data for you can't do that.

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