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Jun 29, 2019 03:33:17

Will it just get worse from here on?

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Julia Saxena

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I've been thinking ...

What if we've reached a point in our society, in our world, where everything from here onwards will not get better ... but worse?

I mean, for centuries, there has been progress. Every generation had it better than the last. Better health care, higher life expectancies, more free time, more income, more fancy tech stuff, more this and more that ... 

Basically, every new generation got a better quality of life. 

But now, I feel this is seriously starting to turn... and it's kinda scary. 

Think about climate change. We're starting to feel the impact and still nothing much is done to curb it. A certain somebody is even pushing to hurt the climate even more. So it's gonna get a whole lot worse soon. 

Think about politics ... where actual progress that has been made over decades is undone on a daily basis. People introduced the European Union to unite the countries and make them stronger together ... now the UK is leaving the EU. We got rid of nationalism and separatism (mostly) only for it to creep back up now. 

Will my and the next generations really "have it better"? 

I highly doubt it. 

Sorry for being the gloomy gus today, but this stuff really got me thinking ...

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    I think what's happened is... there's no point in saying society has gotten better or worse. I observe it as already happening not will happen :

    but just as the real world leaks into the internet... as in software becomes more a part of our everyday lives...

    I think economic inequalities are leaking into how good life is for one. So the delta of life quality based on financial status is becoming greater. Because there is more diverse array of services and products. Whereas before... even the richest guy in town ate basically the same food as the middle class guy.

    but now rich people can get wagyu beef and live in a place that will be less affected by climate change in a negative manner. they can also order green juices that are made on demand.

    Basically... more product/services options sounds great to us the people who are making a living creating such... but also it will reveal new deltas between the haves and have-nots.

    and with climate change... the nice-to-have's will no longer be the difference between haves and have nots but actually things taht really matter. So we've entered an era where it's no longer 'money doesn't matter cause i don't care about BMWs and mansions' it will be... because I have no money I am stuck in a desert... or because I have no money I must work this job I don't enjoy and only eat processed foods.

    It's already here.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jun 29, 2019 13:15:59
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      @juliasaxena @abrahamKim this is basically it. The Elyseum model is creeping up on us. Wealth is not as relevant to buying material goods as it is for acquiring special services: private security, cutting edge health care, increased longevity.
      Maslow's pyramid all tiered up.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jun 29, 2019 13:35:46
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      @abrahamKim @gabrielgreco very interesting perspective! Thanks for sharing.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Jun 30, 2019 05:58:15
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