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Jan 06, 2019 03:26:53

William Stewart Halsted

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Today I learned of this absolute badass, William Stewart Halsted. #200wordsTIL

Yes it's not technical, but it's Saturday and that makes it the perfect day to learn about stuff that isn't technical.


So, this badass ...


... is known as the Father of Modern Surgery.

His operating room at Johns Hopkins was known as the "small room where medical discoveries and miracles took place"

He was an early proponent of keeping surgeries free of micro-organisms. Because  ...


... back then, in the late 19th century, that was controversial.

Remember these were the days of the only surgery on record to have a 300% mortality rate. 

That was by Liston by the way. The man who went on to ...


... invent antiseptics. But this one time he cut off a leg so fast he also de-fingered his assistant. An observer died from shock.



Because ...


... without anesthesia surgery had to be fast.

Our man Halsted liked to use those, though. Makes surgery much more pleasant.

Which is why he was able to invent mastectomies, becoming the first surgeons to successfully treat breast cancer.

Oh and ...


... Halsted was addicted to coke. Lots of coke. Morphine too.

Badass 🤘

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