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Apr 05, 2019 07:15:39

Winds of change

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Janne Koponen

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There is a lot going on in our company. We just recently published our new strategy and we have also been refining our offering against the new strategy.

It's also a good point to review my own position. Where do I want to do from there and what should be my new focus. How should I position myself in this new strategy and how can I bring the most value to our new offering.

Last week I was writing about the 360 review I was about to start to better understand my current position and the expectations of others. Currently, I'm around halfway through the discussions. I have had half a dozen 1-on-1 discussion with my superiors, peers and my team members.

The thoughts of others have been pretty much in line with what I have thought. It feels good to get the confirmation for my ideas and I'm confident I'm heading towards the right direction.

I have been working towards making myself redundant in my old position. I trust that whether it is about to leave it behind it will be in good hands.

I feel like it would also be good for me to have more or less a fresh start. Shaking off all the old responsibilities and making sure I'm not to be relied upon on those things anymore. Of course I would still be involved on those in some level for quite a while still. But I hope, in time only as a last resort.

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