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Jan 04, 2019 05:52:45

Winter (2) - "You must have a lot to talk about. You and your friends this winter.”

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As soon as I walked through the door, dinner was being set on the table. Eating mom’s cooking delighted me. There was a warmth it gave me that the cafeteria or restaurants out there could never provide. Mom didn’t have a professional job, but she put in work at home. Anytime I returned, there would be a full fledged meal waiting for me. This is why I never made dinner or lunch plans with friends on the time slot when I’d return right home. Those times were reserved for the family.

Though, this time I did want to meet someone. And eager to meet up with my friend, I still made sure to set aside enough time to eat at home before going out to see them.

“No beer this time?” My dad made a funny face. I shook my head and told him that I had to go meet someone for beer after dinner, and that I didn’t want to get too drunk where I couldn’t drive.

“Ah yes. You must have a lot to talk about. You and your friends this winter.”

After dinner, I went to go meet her. Out of everybody in the friend group she had been the only one to reach out beyond reminiscing text messages about our friend who had just passed away. This one friend had asked if we could meet in person. We were going to meet at a bar on the pathetic main street that our small town had.

Until this point, I had never ever been to any of the bars in town. I had grown up here, but never had the desire to go to the bar. There was nothing I could do there as a minor. Ane now, being 21, when my friend asked me to go to Jack’s Tavern, I still didn’t care that I was going to that particular bar. We could’ve been meeting by a dumpster or an arbitrary tree along the hiking trail, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. The only thing that actually mattered was meeting in person. So when she suggested Jack’s Tavern, I said yes with zero consideration.

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