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May 25, 2019 20:58:18

WordPress how to install if I have only wp-content and database??? Experiment

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Watasi va hikoki desu β€” and we have started to eat. We finished eating.

The best experiments is when people can use this experiment. For example, one man created an experiment that place your doodles to AR. And this is very cool! And it's cool that others can play with this thing.

I have some ideas for my next experiment. And I am so excited to start doing them. But my progress is slow, because I have no time for it.

I give the priority to my contract work, because I need money. But, to.be honest, I can't finish program part, because I need to set up WordPress. Yes, it is very easy to do it, but I have another situation. I have only database and wp-content. The site is running with errors and I don't know how to do it... I write to my client, because he asked me to ask him if I will be stuck. But it's very uncomfortable for me, because it means that I can't complete the task... I hope the client will not stop to work with me because of it. Also, I tried to do the best, but it's not the best.

But otherwise, last day I feel that I'm happy person. Did you feel happiness? It's important, I think.

Also, if you know how to install WordPress with custom theme and database, please send me a tutorial if you straggled with it. It took my 2 days.

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