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May 21, 2019 09:18:32

Workflow As a Freelance Web Developer

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Today's one of those days where I don't really want to work and I'm basically picking off the simpler tasks on my to do's. I'm grateful that this is even possible and sometimes I need to pinch myself with how lucky I am with my work-life balance.

The beauty of working as a freelancer for more than one client is that I can pick and choose each and every day. Today I feel more like being creative and refactoring some UI. This means I get to research design patterns, play around on CodePen and test out colours, transitions, and user experience.

Other days, when my mind is clear and I'm ready to focus, I'll switch over to JavaScript or PHP programming. When doing so, I usually put on my noise cancelling headphones, find a chilled playlist and get in the zone for some deep work. Scripting is very brain-power intensive and I really need to be on my game. It's very easy to write buggy code because there is just so much going on.

I like to relate programming to playing Age of Empires. Initially, you start off with a small village and a couple of peasants. Then as you grow and advance you've got farms, barracks, castles and fortresses to maintain. People go to battle, peasants die, shit gets real. That's what happens too as your code grows.

Then you've got the absolutely mundane yet essential tasks which are just pure repetition and implementation. You've done the hard yards creating and programming. You're UI has been battle tested by QA and now it's time to deploy across the site. This usually means opening up various files, making the change, testing on the site, checking it off... These sorts of tasks are usually pretty easy and are usually reserved for when you're brain is depleted after a long day's work.


So yeah, I feel blessed to be able to work like this. If your a freelancer, programming or not, I'd love to hear about your workflow!

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