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Sep 25, 2019 23:03:03

Would I become a legend or a failure?

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Tomorrow's flight would transport me back to and continue my third year of graduate school.

The job-hunting season has already begun. The air is changed and you can smell it from anywhere. The notifications of the chat are advertisements from companies. The topics of the greetings are salaries from offers. 

It's an annual event and every year it stirs the whole school up. 

Since joined my institution four years ago, I've witnessed everyone graduated successfully but unhappily. For each one of them, there is a paper for passing and an offer for living, so they graduate. That's it.

"My paper is trash and my job is a nightmare," I heard the similar complaints year by year, "I'm glad to graduate only because I stop wasting time at school without money, but begin wasting time at work with salary. " 

What's more, no one stays contact after leaving, the three-year graduate school life doesn't worth recalling with appreciation. 

Nevertheless, it's my turn now. How can I retell other's horrible stories into a happy ending? 

My professor said I'm the most special student during his twenty-year teaching career. Not because I showed my talent and started research work early, but I quit and began freelancer as soon as I realized I couldn't learn from the teacher. Would I become a legend or a failure? 

I don't know, but it shouldn't be judged by my future salary.

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    @5plus6 For 20 years, it never happens does mean neither good or bad. The common sense over 50's might not be true anymore. I hope you could find a way that suits you. I am wondering what you think the main reason why they feel wasting time? Also, what would be considered as not wasting time for them or you?

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Sep 25, 2019 09:29:56
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      #1 Why they feel wasting time

      Well, it's a really complex question. I think the essence is the system. The true life of my institution is busy getting things done in a sinking boat.

      For teachers, the rule-maker of the system, only take care of the results other than stopping to repair it. School not like a company, students come and go in a stable rhythm. Even a student come and realize the problem, a bad teacher is better than no teacher. They accept the three-year suffering for a qualification.

      As a result, it's a common secret that both teachers and students are just making them survive from the sinking boat.

      # what would be considered as not wasting time for them or you?

      Fix the boat to go further.

      I'm the one stay the same school for over six years and the same institution for over four years. So I've gone through more than others instead of just for a short-time qualification. I really want to see the boat fixed. Otherwise, quitting is the only way.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Sep 26, 2019 23:06:08
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