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Jul 05, 2019 19:55:45

wp template needed - The MDW app - again

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Ok, Friday is here, and lazy me again. Let's use the power of pressure, power of not easy writing, power of most dangerous writing app. I could be their copywriter hehe. I am supporting this app everywhere I go hahaha.

Today I got a day off cuz National holiday. One more day free I like it. It could be like that all the time.

Anyway, I tried to start with the new project. I mean I am in the phase to pick a WordPress template. Yeah, no coding in action. But it's a hassle all the time. I would definitely pay someone to find me the right template haha.

I know how it should look like I did a little stretch of it. But now I'm looking for something at least a little similar to my expectations.

Actually, I have already found one I like but cannot adjust it according to my needs so probably will looking again.

I already write some goals for July. As you can guess the first one is to find the right template.

Other ones are to write down the content. I scheduled 4 articles for July and it's not gonna be easy.

Except for my blog, I have never had some magazine or content website but I believe in myself. Believe the topic, so hopefully, it's gonna work.


Stay with me. Efran

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