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Aug 23, 2019 23:13:21

Write before 25

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I'm 25 tomorrow, as a late summer born child.

Being 25 is unbelievable for me, because when I was 5, I made a serious conclusion: there is no need to live longer than 25, because life is meaningless.

It's a scientific summary after 5 years life experience including two parts: my life is meaningless, and others's are meaningless, either.

Though 20 years later, I could recall how did I think clearly:

#1 My life meant nothing but the acceptance of "results": as the result of being a girl, there were no attention; as the result of being fat, there were jokes; as the result of being quite, there were ignorance.

I was born to be a fat, quite girl, the world responded unfreindly to my nature, that disappointed me.

#2 Others' "happiness" didn't interest me. My parents were famous tailors locally at that time, and busy having parties other than child-caring at their late twenties (they were at the age of 27). Our house were noisy: kids were running for adults'attention, adults were running for each other's attention.

As an observer, they only made me bored.

Tomorrow, I'll break my 5-year-old-self curse: safely to be a 25 years old adults and view "efforts" more than "results". Of course, my life is still not a fairy tale, sometimes efforts work, sometimes not; sometimes it's good but too late to do, sometimes it's just happy to live.

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    @5plus6 Happy 25th Birthday !

    Knight avatar Knight | Aug 24, 2019 06:45:31
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      @knight -thank you! It's been a week as a 25, not bad :-D

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Aug 31, 2019 00:52:12
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