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Jun 26, 2019 07:34:48

Write early for self reflection

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Brian Ball

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Before I go to bed, I closed out all the browser tabs. I closed extraneous apps and cleared my desktop. This has me ready to start typing first thing in the morning. Let's see what I come up with.


"Let's get our sweat in first thing." - he said to myself as we rolled out of bed. I have fond memories of my morning runs in college.

"10K is not just for breakfast anymore" I'd quip to my training buddies. 

Oh how things change, but ever so gradually.

Within a year we change, but every day we stay the same. - a favorite line from a Big Butter song in the late 80s.

My brain gets bored. It gets to the top of the hill and wants to climb back down again. It wants to swim the river before drying off and laying in the sun. 

No point to this other than noticing how change works and like a balloon, we rise in our youth until we get caught up in the jet stream and then float away until nobody that knew us before knows where we're going or where we land.

Oh the places you'll go.

Writing early this morning lent itself to a little self-reflection today.

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