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Jul 02, 2019 16:27:40

Write. Then code.

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Brian Ball

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In English, I can think faster than I type. In code, not so much. Hacker movies portray the hacker typing out perfect code as fast as s/he can think. 

Well, the reality they don't show on screen is that the code has to be perfect. Who knows, maybe they're just re-typing stuff -- but you never do see them use the backspace or delete key to make a correction.

Maybe all the stuff we see on the screens are just error messages keeping up with their typing speed. 

When you start a project, and you think about what to build, you can start writing it out with some or no code. Pseudocode is the idea of using a spoken language to write out the parts of the code you think you'll need.

I like to get into a flow state when coding and it's difficult unless I'm coding on something I already know how to do. When I branch out and try to learn new frameworks it's like picking up a new spoken language and having to look up all the syntax in a dictionary. Fun. Novel. But slow. It feels like the training wheels are on and useful.

My experiment, then, is to type quickly with a new format. Marry the words and ideas I can imagine in English and translate those in the editing/coding process.

Write first. Then edit. This exercise will be, write first. Then code.

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    lmao I gotta take keni's advice on this one which is take the advice you'd give a friend.

    i'm working with a digital humanist who wants to encode poetry. And she hasn't done encoding for awhile. So we were kidn of sweating what standard to use. and I just said, fuck it, pseudo encode the poems and we'll figure it out later. And it's working out really well. I think we can just literally use her pseudocode.

    now with software we don't have a way to literally use the pseudo code. But I have always thought it silly not to write first and then code. because we know deep down what the hell has to happen. and what needs to be validated and what needs to go where and what needs to get notified. But we like are content writing code the slow way and figure out the roadmap the slow way. For me, it's kind of driven by fear. A fear of leaving the comforts of a slow and safe project's beginnings.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jul 03, 2019 14:25:21
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