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Mar 18, 2019 23:57:41


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Writing is underestimated. Don't be like others

Why you should I invest in writing?

There are certain skills that amplifies others. Writing is one of such. Whatever you're doing, be a writer in that space. Write and bomb everywhere with your writings. Even as a career person, create time to write.

Writing is powerful.

Benefits of Writing

1) Writing shows you're intelligent and it attracts intelligent people to you.

2) Writing shows people you know what you're doing, hence they see you as an expert.

3) Writing pushes your name and brand beyond your business  or resume can.

What to write on?

Anything and everything. But really, you could start with your niche. Your industry.  Let's assume you're a banker, write about finances, write about the banking sector, write about possible investment opportunities. If you're teacher, write about Education, write something like "How to Make your kids love Maths." Just write. The thing is when you start to write, writing ideas begins to flood your head.

Writing has nothing to do with being employed or not. Not employed actually gives you more time to write.

Write about everything around your industry and push your writings everywhere. Treat your writings themselves like a product.

Extract from a post i intend to share on a little WhatsApp group I created.

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    @seunoyebode - After reading this I am getting more excited about being here for most of 2019. When I started here, the things you listed as benefits didn't occur to me but you are spot on about the benefits.

    "Treat your writing themselves as a product" - Awesome phrase.

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 18, 2019 21:11:38
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      @keni Thank you Keni, That is not an exhaustive list, i mean i can't completely say how much writing daily has helped me..... That phrase was stolen from @matt_lo

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Mar 19, 2019 08:37:41
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