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Apr 08, 2019 08:40:23

Writing a technical book

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I know some of the users in 200Wad are writing a book page by page here. Still, I have many steps to go to write a technical book. But this post would be one of the first steps for me to understand the process and tips about how to write a technical book according to "How to Write a Technical Book."

1. Writing a book is hard

First of all, I need to accept this fact and be mentally prepared. 

Writing a book is really, really, really hard. 

It will affect my health and limit my freedom. 

2. Publish before you publish

To gain writing experience you can publish to the web

Yes, that is why I am writing. I failed to host a technical blog in 2018 since I set too high a bar for me and I had a wrong mindset. But gradually I am overcoming thanks to 200WaD. I am building a writing habit here. 

In addition, as gaining confidence, I started again to write a technical one here "Step-by-step Data Science & Computer Science" (https://h1ros.github.io/)

Although talking about a book now, I try not to increase the bar yet in this technical blog. My plan is to first get used to publishing technical posts even if it is not part of a book or anything. As I did here, I will just focus on building a new habit. Just keep writing technical ones. This technical blog is for me for now to understand the things I need to understand. 

No rush. Step by step. Compare yourself who you were yesterday.

3. The writing process

Here is the overall process of writing in this article. 

  1. Doing the research
  2. Developing the initial draft
    Focus on the contents consistently, not appearance. Anyway, we will come back to refactor them.
  3. Developing Diagrams
    (This part is a bit confusing for me. The diagrams mean the one used in a book or a diagram about the flow of the book?)
  4. Rework the initial draft
    This is going to be an iterative process. 
  5. Review the copy-edited version
  6. Review the composed copy
  7. Publish

4. Other tips 

  • Be passionate about writing your book. 
  • Write a reference book or a learning book, not both. 
  • Commit to creating X pages or Y words / day. The book isn't going to write itself. Writers write.

Let me know if you have any great material to build a routine or workflow for writing a book.


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    @hiro Interesting! My advice is to not underestimate the amount of work editing takes :P I made this mistake.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 08, 2019 20:50:46
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      @basilesamel Yea, I think these steps are not an equal amount of work. "step 4 Rework the initial draft" includes iterative steps. Let me know if you have any role model/routine you follow.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | Apr 09, 2019 00:33:39
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