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Feb 11, 2019 16:45:37

Writing at night

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Gene Lim

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I always wait till the end of the day before starting to write my 200 words a day. The reason of doing this is because during the day my time is fully packed and there is no time to write. Even if I may have time, I may not have the idea of what to write yet.

Stating this, it doesn’t mean that during the night I will have idea, it is just that there will be more chances of topics popping out of my head in the night when I get to my bed. I could lay down and look at the ceiling, reflecting what I have done for the day and if it is worth writing it too.

Doing it this way has its disadvantages, it may be late like today, it is now 11:30PM just before the streaks break and I am writing now. I am risking my streak and also I am now very tired, eye almost closing and the dreamland is calling me.

So why am I doing this daily? I love my bed, I love lying down on my bed and write because I will feel relax after all the hard work throughout the whole day. Being relax makes me write faster and spontaneously too.

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