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Aug 11, 2019 12:11:03

Writing from my phone all week

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Jack Lyons

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Writing from my phone as I travel has been a new experience for me. I don’t want to say the 200 words a day platform is clunky - but typing, copying, pasting, hyperlinkinng and correcting text on a phone.... sucks! 

I get why twitter became so popular: no one in the sane mind would want to or could physically type more than 140 characters in a session! Joking not joking. 

Anyway I wish I had the perseverance to right some nice text on this fine Alaskan summer day, but I’m literally writing this from a parking lot before I get back in the car for another four hours. 

Shit! I still have 90 words to go. I’m sorry all for the shitty quality of my writing but this really isn’t how I wanted to spend my holidays. I wish I could just pause my streak!!

because again, this is the only reason I’m on here right now - for fear of losing my streak. Sad to say that I can’t just suck it up and go back to zero... so yeah I have to suffer and everyone reading this does too! Because I’m stubborn and don’t wanna give up just yet!

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    @jacklyons I can totally relate 😄During two weeks in July I also just kept writing for the sake of keeping the streak. It will get better again.

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Aug 11, 2019 13:13:01
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